Behind the Bow

“Behind the Bow” is a new, original series based on the sport of All Star Cheer produced by The YTN – Youth Television Network. The YTN is proud to announce the long anticipated premiere debut of “Behind the Bow” airing “live” on Thursday, January 5th at 9:30pm PST.

“Behind the Bow” is a competitive cheer series like no other! It is a positive, candid, compelling and inside look to All Star Cheer. “Behind the Bow” takes you inside practice, backstage and on to the competitive floor for exclusive coverage. The true grit of competitive cheer is heard, seen and experienced through these amazing athletes! “Behind the Bow” begins with the story of a group of talented athletes from the 2014-15 cheer season of the Large Co-ed Level 5 restricted team SMOKE from OC All Stars in Orange County, California. Season 1 is filled with challenges, incredible highs, devastating lows and this teams journey and pursuit of excellence.

Season 2 continues the story of SMOKE into the 2015-16 competition season and introduces the OC’s Medium All Girl Level 5 World’s team BLACK. SMOKE makes amazing strides in many firsts for OC All Stars as they win the most prestigious victory in OC’s history at NCA All-Star Nationals in Dallas! Plus that win earns the team the coveted invite to The Summit! BLACK wins big early in the season at Duel in the Desert where they receive a full-paid bid to the prestigious World’s competition! Both teams make it to the ultimate goal – nationals in Orlando, Florida. Will they make it to the finals? Will they win the coveted prize? What will the stories of these amazing athletes be?

The YTN is currently in production of shooting Season 3 of these two teams 2016-17 season. Already SMOKE has earned a bid to The Summit 2017, but the pressure has intensified. This team is the foundation to OC All Stars. This team is the athletic culmination of all the Level 1-4 teams and they’re the future of the Worlds program at the gym. This team has set a standard over the past several years of excellence and competitiveness. The pressure that they handle has helped shape them into who they are and what they can become. “Behind the Bow” is there to capture SMOKE’S journey as defending champs. BLACK has transitioned from All Girl to International Small Co-ed Level 5 this year. They have been plagued with injuries early in the season. Despite those setbacks, they have had two strong exhibition performances. They will be competitive this year and rise to the top as they are finally able to compete at the start of 2017.